Everything starts with data

A smart and easy solution

StorageX is a tool designed for companies looking for fast and simple solutions for sharing and storing files in a single interface.

Mobile app Dedicated server
StorageX One place for all your data
E-mail message Desktop app

Being able to send and store date in the same place means a more efficient workflow. Right now, too many clients provide data in paper form or scan their documents manually. Better storage and input options can streamline the process and save time.

StorageX saves you time and makes your work easier to organize by putting everything at your fingertips. There’s no need to go searching for anything since StorageX puts everything you need in dedicated cloud storage.

You can transfer your data by using many convenient options like a dedicated mobile app (available in both iOS and Android), a web app, by sending data to a dedicated e-mail address or forwarding it directly to your dedicated server on our infrastructure.

Your clients can use our white-label mobile app for smartphones and tablets to quickly and easily send and access all their data.

StorageX is also a convenient desktop app. Your clients can upload and manage all their files in one place. You can also see who sent the file along with other data.

You can create a dedicated email address to which you send all your files along with a trusted list of senders authorized to supply any attached documents. You get your own dedicated domain to send all the files, e.g. infaktfiles.com.

You can also automate the whole process and send data directly to your own dedicated server. The location of all your dedicated servers is also up to you. Just let us know where you want them.

Why StorageX?

It’s the easiest way to send documents
Send invoices and other financial documents through a web application, from mobile devices, via email or with a dedicated server.
Quickly select and send documents
Fast and efficient tools let you send files with just two clicks.
Find everything in one place
All received files are collected in one place, regardless of how they were sent.
Full access to files from different devices
Find and select all the files you’ve sent via mobile devices or through our dedicated web application.