No more manual data entry

RecognizeX enters data for you

RecognizeX automatically processes accounting data from invoices and other documents.

  1. PDF, JPG, PNG or GIF
  2. OCR Reliability
  3. Verifying data
  4. XML or JSON file

Our system utilizes Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and scans your documents or photos. This data can be verified and modified as needed to ensure total accuracy.

RecognizeX is a perfect complement to another of our products - StorageX. Previously uploaded documents can be scanned automatically and returned as XML or JSON files.

There’s no longer any need to manually scan your documents. RecognizeX will revolutionize your approach to the digitization of data.

Why RecognizeX?

Save time
All invoices and other accounting documents are scanned automatically.
100% accuracy
The two-step verification process of the system and human oversight means total reliability.
Use your time for more important things
RecognizeX eliminates the need to spend time on dull and repetitive manual tasks and lets you focus on more high-value activities.
Multi-format capabilities
The system reads and processes all the most commonly used document formats like PDF, JPG and PNG.