AutoX Autobookkeeping

The decision-making platform

AutoX is a tool for accounting firms that want to speed up and automate the way they process their customers’ invoices. AutoX connects expertise, data and the possibilities created by machine learning.

  • Machine Learning Algorithm-recognized
    data patterns
  • Knowledge Set of accounting rules
  • Data Source information regarding
    booking previous expenses

AutoX is a
product which can
book your documents
automatically. The system learns how to categorize
information based on the input data in order to automatically
book it in the future.

AutoX is a revolutionary product that fully automates the accounting process. The system learns how to categorize information based on previous input data in order to make the right decision for new documents.

To achieve the best results with automated booking, the system must acquire knowledge about how to classify all obtained documents. TeacherX is a module within AutoX that makes it easy to give the application all the information it needs to make the right decisions.

Accountants can teach the system how to book documents in the right way. Our software can adapt to your work environment with just a bit of guidance . That is why we need real accountants to teach our system how to classify all gathered documents.

The system learns and remembers accounting decisions about the proper booking of documents. With new documents are received for processing, our system applies its accumulated data and books them automatically.

The system was implemented in the Nationwide Accounting Office. Automate the manual processes that are repeated daily.

Why AutoX?

Accelerate your accounting
AutoX guarantees significantly faster accounting of invoices through automated processing of invoices and works around the clock.
Minimize accounting errors
The system detects errors made by accountants and automatically suggests corrections that should be made on particular invoices.
Get statistical insights into how it works
AutoX provides statistics showing the performance of the system. See for yourself how accurate, fast and effective it is.
Compatible with other solutions
AutoX can be integrated with any other accounting service. It’s intelligent and learns how to make the correct accounting decision.