All in One

Fully automated accounting

All in One is a packet of 3 solutions for businesses and accounting services. It’s never been easier to send and scan documents for automatic processing.

  • AutoX An intelligent, self-learning
    system for categorizing
    different types of data.
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  • StorageX The best resource for fast
    and simple document
    retrieval. More details
  • RecognizeX An advanced tool for automatically
    gathering accounting data from
    any invoice or document.
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Our system
learns and
remembers the
bookkeeping records
entered by accountants. Learning patterns, practices and rules informs how helps AutoX understand how new documents should be processed.

We believe that the Accounting Industry can service their clients in a more proactive manner. We’ve built a solution that eliminates the manual process of entering data and a system that learns how to bookkeep documents automatically based on the previous work of the accountant.

This means that accountants can focus on verification, advising clients and providing solutions for their needs. We are transforming the way accounting is done. In addition to automatic accounting, All in One also detects human error and alerts you to potential problems in the bookkeeping process.

Using All in One means:

Processing accounts faster
All in One accelerates your accounting through automatic processing of most invoices.
Minimizing accounting errors
The system detects mistakes made by accountants and suggests corrections for particular invoices.
Easily sending and sharing documents
Customers can send financial documents with the help of web applications, mobile devices, email or dedicated servers.
Files are automatically read
All sent documents are automatically processed, eliminating the need to manually enter invoice data.